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Lluvia Meneses is the CEO and Founder of LatinRunners. In 2013 she started looking for “running buddies” to put into practice what she had learn in a running clinic the previous years . Most of her friends were Latin women who had never run before and didn’t seem to share her passion, but she understood their fears and manage to convince them to try it once. Nine women joined her in the first session. They talked, had fun, socialized, they ran and most important they enjoyed it, so they tried a second time, and then a third and so on. That was the beginning of LatinRunners.

Lluvia is responsible for the vision, strategy and fundraising efforts for LatinRunners as it expands across the lower mainland in British Columbia. Under her leadership, LatinRunners has grown into an organization with many locations, great group of leaders and almost 200 active members.


LLuvia moved to Canada in 2008 with her husband. She is the proud mother of two beautiful girls that look up to her as the role model that she is, an avid runner and a natural leader. When she first arrived she questioned herself on whether she had actually taken the right decision. Canada didn’t feel like home and many gray days went by. She knew she had to push herself harder in order to adapt. She observed what locals were doing and was surprised to see people running under the rain and snow; they ran early in the morning, late at night and in the weekends. They inspired her and I decided to fall in love with Canada by doing what Canadians like the most: exercising!

In July 2014 Lluvia received the Sports and Athletic Achievement award at the Latincouver Inspirational Awards, a recognition for her hard work and dedication towards LatinRunners.



lluviaIn July 2015 LLuvia was invited by Latincouver as the Keynote Motivational Speaker for the Inspirational Latin Awards

      I have faced many challenges since the project started. Not a day goes by in which I don’t ask myself: What was I thinking when I started 10 running clubs for Latin immigrants with no funds and no other supporting organization? The answer is always the same. I was following my dreams and my passion of helping others adapt to this country. Yes, I was very naïve too, it has been a long journey with still many unanswered questions, nevertheless, the satisfaction that I get by knowing we are making a change in the life of many women, keeps me and the team going. We, not only see women become runners, we see them overcome their fears and mental barriers. When I see the happiness in their faces, sometimes the tears in their eyes and I am able to feel the beating of their hearts as they cross the finish line, just then all doubts go away. I listen to the little voice in my heart every night whispering: ‘Be strong. Don’t run away now’

      In  our  busy,  complicated  lives,  we  all  have  challenges  and  it  is  up  to  us  to  decide  how  to  overcome  them. I  see  the  challenges  as  big  rocks  in  this  running  trail  called  life.    These  rocks  can  be  used  as  blocking  barriers  to  failure  or  as  stepping-­‐stones  to  success.    We  all  have  the  power  to  use  our  rocks  either  way.    I  came  to  Canada  to  make  a  difference.  I  use  my  stones  everyday  for  progress  and  for  positive  changes.  Inspiration  requires  courage,  passion,  love,  discipline  and  patience  but  it  can  be  achieved  and  the  proof  is  all  around  us  tonight.

FirmaHLLuvia  (Joo-­‐via)  Meneses  LR  Founder.

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