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Ethics Code

  1. As a LatinRunner, I promote an environment of ethics and respect among myself and others. Every member must be treated equally and with integrity. LatinRunners was created to integrate the community.
  2. As a LatinRunner, I am aware that every member has different skills and attitudes, LatinRunners wishes that every opinion is taken in consideration so that we all give something valuable to the project. Every opinion is valuable as long as it is expressed in a positive way and with respect.
  3. As a LatinRunner I agree that direct communication with my leaders and other LatinRunners is the best way to solve conflicts and get to effective agreements.
  4. As a LatinRunner, I will do everything in my hands to make this a successful project, I consider myself a very important part of it.
  5. As a LatinRunner, I agree that my presence in this group is voluntary, however, I am committed to attend as many running sessions as possible for my own benefit and the benefit of the group. Being constant decreases the risk of getting injured. Being on time shows respect for myself and for the LatinRunners attending the session.
  6. As a LatinRunner, I keep members’ information and their personal life confidential, so that every member feels safe sharing feeling and emotions. Nobody should be judged or criticized. ‘What happens in LatinRunners stays in LatinRunners’.
  7. As a member of LatinRunners I am committed to follow the program and to respect recovery sessions and recovery weeks. As a LatinRunner I run as a team to achieve goals and to support other members.
  8. As a LatinRunner I show rules of courtesy to other runners and walkers, bikes and pets. I run the trails, tracks and streets following and respecting all the Urban and Community rules. I run trails designed for walking and running that are considered to be safe and have enough light. I always run in company and don’t wear headphones during the sessions.
  9. As a LatinRunner I always listen to my leaders and listen to my body.
  10. As a LatinRunner I have fun and enjoy the running session and family events.