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LatinRunners (LR) is a “learn to run” program by BACSociety, that was first formed to target the participation of women that were facing isolation and adaptation challenges in the Latin Community. It started in June 2013 in Langley, BC with 9 participants. It continues to grow adding more participants, leaders and volunteers every season.

With time and experience our goals have evolve, we want to reach further and become more inclusive of other communities. After two years of hard work, we now have a solid group of runners willing to transform other women’s lives. Our next step is to share the skills and experience our runners have gained to other communities of women. Our job is to inspire them.

Before joining this project, many of us had never run. LR believes anyone can do it with discipline and patience. Our goal is to empower women and take them across the finish lines of 5k, 10k and 15k races. We love exploring British Columbia’s beautiful trails, following what we have learned, we run ‘Rain or Shine‘.

LR welcomes anyone. In such a multicultural country, we are very interested in learning from other cultures and sharing our own. In LR we believe we all have the right to settle and integrate in a new country. The sooner immigrants adapt to this country the faster they become productive. The more active we are, the healthier we become.

1, 2, 3 LatinRunners . . . a correeeer!



‘I have had the privilege of guiding the Leaders of the LatinRunners with coaching advice and technical expertise in their quest to bring health, fitness and fun to their community. They are a motivated group with great enthusiasm and commitment to providing the best possible instruction to their enthusiastic group of New Runners.’

Lynn Kanuka
Olympian Medalist, Coach.
June 2014.

‘LatinRunners are doing an excellent job of both engaging women in road running and providing opportunities for leadership development. The benefits of this program are many including enhanced wellbeing for the participants, improved fitness, the creation of a supportive community for those involved and the opportunity to set goals and achieve them’

Donna Harris
Director, Coach Development, Athletics Canada.
January 2014.

‘LatinRunners offers physical, emotional and social support and networking for Latin women. LatinRunners leads to “sense of belonging,” confidence and friendship building’

Gord Kurenoff
The Vancouver Sun.
June 2014.

‘The more I run with LatinRunners the closer I am to find my true self’                                                  .  

LR Participant

‘Thank you very much for creating Latin Runners. It has been a life changing experience for me; I have discovered things about me and my will and inner strength that I did not know I had’

LR Participant

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LR has a capacity of 150-200 runners per season and a group of  +50 volunteers. Currently LR delivers two season a year (Spring and Fall).


LR is a Self-funded organization, we invest $70,000 annually to run 2 seasons a year. Our most representative costs are: Liability Insurance, Training for Leaders, Marketing and Administration, Race Equipment, Park Permits for Races and Integration Events. We get a few subsided expenses like consulting and mentorship, and a group of women donating time to the project equivalent to full time jobs.

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As a Participant

For our 8th Season Spring 2016, LR clubs is available to those participants that already have running experience. If you have run 5k/10k before and have followed a learn to run program in the past, preferably the LR Program, you are welcome to join us. Walkers that have participated with LR before are welcome to join in Spring 2016.

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As a Volunteer

YES! You can volunteer even if you are not a runner. We are looking for talented, energetic women and men who believe that community projects make this a better world. Become a leader, a recruiter, help us with our social media campaign, participate in our events, You tell us what you do best!

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VisitaMamaSight08“Canada opened the doors of this beautiful country to us. I invite every immigrant to find a way to make a small contribution and pay back this opportunity. Let’s make a difference in Canada.” -LLuvia Meneses

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    Creating a better world requires teamwork, partnerships, and collaboration, LatinRunners is proud to be partner with great businesses, organizations and personalities from our community.These Partners contribute with LR in various events and programs and help LatinRunners grow and achieve its goals.

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    In June 2015 LLuvia Meneses and LatinRunners was recognized by the Government of Canada with an article in their website. This article was developed through a collaboration with the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS) to celebrate the Year of Sport in Canada’s June theme of “Women in Sport” which is profiling dynamic stories of women in Canada who are leveraging sport to make their communities better.